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You are just few step away to give your chief scientist an engaging and exciting science experience. Grab this wonderful chance to craft the young mind!

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How it Works

Curriculum aligned

Our Big Bang kit contains curriculum aligned experiments that inspire kids to think, create and innovate like a scientist. Exceptional level of understanding about academic concepts as well as the real life applications are acquired through our kit

Hands-on- learning

Our activity kit gives them a chance to execute, scrutinize and implement it, while usual academic books gives basic definition and applications for concepts alone. The focus-shift from rote memorization to active engagement is achieved. We have a wide range of experiments appropriately for kids from 10 to 16 years.

Destined to excel

The main aim of our kit is to provide children a good perception about what they learn. Our kit enhances the problem solving strategy and creative thinking which leads them to excel in the academics.

Why Big Bang Kit

Why Big Bang Kit?

Our kit engages the young scientists with our hands-on-learning experiments that will escort them to explore all the spectacular view of science in a magical way. Our kit is designed by trained, reliable and dynamic young science fanatics who realize the capacity of children. The kits are specially crafted to engage young minds in a more creative and fun way.

Facilitative Management
Enhances Creativity
Critical Thinking
Cognitive Skills

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Why Big Bang Kit