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Frequently Asked Questions

Designed by science genies, reviewed by experts, tested by junior scientists

1) What is Big Bang kit?

Big Bang kit is the hands-on-learning activity box through which all the junior scientists grasp the science notion and their specifics in an exciting way. The Big Bang kit allows your young scientist to discover, innovate and inspire through activity learning. Harness the power of crafting the new world around your child and bring out all their artistic skills.

2) What is Big Bang kit?

Yes we offer discount offer for purchasing large amount of boxes. You get a discount when you buy our product in bulk. The more you buy, the greater the discount! You can purchase a Group subscription for your classroom, after school program, home school, or playgroup. Alternatively, you can purchase individual kit from the store for your classroom, party, or group event.

3) How Big Bang kit can help my child in education?

Classroom learning is not essential for children. Our Big Bang kit effectively turns knowledge into wisdom for children. It helps a child to absorb more knowledge and ensure that learning stays in mind in longer than other techniques.

4) How are the Big Bang kits designed?

Big Bang kits are skillfully designed by our team of science fanatics who are all former engineers. The kits are created to impress the minds of young scientist to give engaging, innovative and motivational experience to improve the learning process.

5) Is Big Bang kit available for all age group?

At the moment we have Big Bang kit available for kids from age 10 to 15. Choose the kit appropriate for your child’s age group. We are working on the development process of kids under the age 10. We will notify it as soon as we release the product.

6) Can my child learn on his/her own without any support?

Yes, the kit box contains construction manual and the scientific facts behind it that allows them to “learn by doing”. Here they are the creators; we are just assisting them in this drive to help them. If parents are interested, then they can also discover these concepts in different but in an excited way. The kit offers the finest bonding moment between each parent & child

7) Can we return the product we purchased?

At present, we do not accept the items once we sold it .We accept the damaged products that should reach us within 10 days after the box reaches you. In the event of the items you received is unsatisfactory/ damaged then we need a clear photo proof and file your complaint through E-mail. The mail should reach us after 3 days from the opening of box. We would review the issue and get back to you with suitable solution

8) Do you offer free shipping?

Other than special offers, we do not offer any free shipping. Survey revealed that customers prefer low product prices than free shipping. We believe that our product prices, with shipping are still economical and convenient for customers. If we hear more responses in favor of free shipping, we will certainly consider making changes in shipping cost.

9) What are the payment methods you accept?

At the moment, we accept only credit/debit cards, online payment, COD (Cash on Delivery)

10) How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order before the notified shipping date. But we offer no cancellation policy after the shipping.

11) How can I track my orders?

The information about the Big Bang kit you ordered can be tracked until you receive the box. The dispatching date, delivery date and tracking number will be sent to you through E-mail or message. Please make sure you are regularly checking it and that is solely your responsibility to keep on maintaining the contact to avoid any miscommunication.

12) What if items are missing from my kit?

Some fragile items are often packed along with larger materials. Please ensure that you have checked all the packages you got. If you cannot find the missing item even then, you could contact our client servicing executive @ 9042000903 or drop us a mail within 3 days from receiving the box. Please make sure that you attach the clear photo proof of the package you received. After reviewing, our team will get back to you within 7 days with a possible solution.

13) Can I use Big Bang kit with my school curriculum?

Yes, all our experiments are coordinated with school text books. This helps children know which experiment best complements the text book lesson to enhance the learning process.

14) When do subscription ship?

We will try to ship the order within 4 to 5 business days after you place the order.